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Imagine standing in a sauna and feeling the sensation of taking a breath in, deeply. The dry thick hot air, partly soothing and partly foreign to your lungs, this was how it felt to stand outside in Dubai. We learned quickly why we saw no one outside who wasn't inside of an air conditioned vehicle. Literally no one outside! We discovered this during our eager attempt to stretch our legs after our 15 hour flight. We embraced the warmth and we walked, and a block into our walk we were drenched with sweat, seeking shade, anxious to find a building to enter, any building just to feel the relief of air conditioning.

Dubai is hot, futuristic and worth the visit. We took in as much of it as possible in our 3 days there, including the view from the top of the burj khalifa, the world's tallest building, and skiing. Yes, skiing on snow indoors at ski Dubai! The one activity we did outdoors was in the evening, four wheeling in the sand dunes to observe the sunset. And the sunset did not disappoint!

sunset in the sand dunes

I'm proud of my sunset unforgettable moment shared with my sister Kristin and my nieces, Sophia and Natalie. Sophia shot a few photos of me...she was getting accustomed to my camera so the shots are a bit fuzzy, but at least we have confirmation that I was actually there too!


I love this shot of the setting sun and I'm so proud of myself for capturing it! There is something so still, inviting and seductive in this image. The rolling dunes of sand in the foreground...and the ball of sun slowly sneaking away. Amazing, unforgettable moment! Please visit my ALBUMS page to see more images of the dubai sand dunes.

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