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Temples and Buddhas

Temples in Chiang Mai are a must see, they are a very real part of every day life here, and they tell the story and history of buddhism in the area. These holy structures are living, breathing places that bridge the past with the present, keeping people here linked with the traditions of their ancestors. The interior walls reveal historic, beautiful murals depicting the daily life of the Chiang Mai ancestors. Temple murals also tell the story of the buddha's life and meaning. Many of the temple murals are stenciled in gold, with small pieces of colored mirror adorning features, it's stunning to see. Each temple has dragon-like creatures at the entrances and on the roof tops to ward off bad spirits. You'll see these dragons in my photos, they were dramatic and engaging to see.

Most temples have a "days of the week" offering, a buddha in the day of the week pose with an offering bowl either in front or next to the buddha. The idea is you make an offering into the bowl of the buddha representing the day of the week you were born. The offering is for good fate. The buddha standing with one palm facing out is the "preventing relatives from fighting posture" and also means "peace to the world." The buddha seated with his left palm in his lap facing up is the "conquering evils" posture.

Sunday Buddha - The Buddha stands with arms crossed over the stomach, right hand over the left, with the back of the hands facing outward. The eyes are open,this is a pose of mental insight.

Monday Buddha - The protection buddha.

Tuesday Buddha - The reclining buddha.

Wednesday before Noon Buddha - Alms Collecting Buddha (Thai people split Wednesday into two different poses - those who are born before noon on Wednesday and those born AFTER noon).

Wednesday after Noon Buddha - The Buddha sitting with a Monkey and an Elephant, which are giving offerings to the Buddha. This is a rather unusual pose that many westerners may not have ever seen before.

Thursday Buddha - Meditation Buddha

Friday Buddha - Contemplation Buddha

Saturday Buddha - The Buddha Seated under a Naga (Seven Headed Serpent), again in Meditation. This pose depicts the meditation Buddha being protected from falling rain by the spread out hood of the Naga

Enjoy my slideshow, it's a sample of my temple images. Please check my ALBUMs page for more of my temple and buddha images.

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