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My grandmother is a sculptor and my favorite sculpture of hers is of the Buddha, it was her favorite as well. It's sits near an apple tree outside of her home, it's presence is grounded, peaceful and present.

When you drive out of the Chiangmai airport you are greeted by a large billboard of the buddha with this message, "it's wrong to use buddha as tattoo decoration, merchandise means no respect. Don't buy or sell buddha for decoration please." This struck me, I have always had great respect for Buddhism and for the Buddha, and I now wondered if my grandmother's sculpture was an acceptable form of respect. I inquired with my Buddhist guide, I showed him a photo of my grandmother's sculpted Buddha. He assured me that her Buddha was not only a beautifully crafted sculpture it was also showing the Buddha with utmost respect, in the appropriate pose. Whew!

Please do not share or copy my buddha images, please do enjoy them on my site! Thank you.

As I wrote in my last post, the Buddha poses have specific meaning and relevance. My buddha images show a variety of adornment and pose.

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