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Floating Market Bangkok

When our time in Chiang Mai ended, we flew to Bangkok for two days and one the song goes "one night in Bangkok". Well we did as much as possible in our short time in Bangkok, high on the list was seeing the floating market. Not really knowing what to expect other than the obvious from the name "floating market", off we went. It turns out the floating markets are quite a distance outside of Bangkok, so we saw not only the city but also the outskirts from our taxi window.

The market is huge, lively, full of boats selling food and fruits. Along the edges of the narrow canals are drive up market stands selling all things Thailand, textiles, mango wood bowls, coconut shell bowls...tea pots...and on and on, it's quite colorful! In addition to the markets you see small homes lining canals, the owner's boat parked underneath, potted plants on the outside, a dog in the sun. Living on the canals and working the floating market is an old tradition, still carried on today. The best time to go is early in the morning when the market is more of a local scene. As the day goes on the market becomes more tourist infested for sure.

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