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merlot...merloty...merlotta love

My constant companion, the anchor of my furry family, Merlot. Its really true what they say about dogs being loyal, about them being your best friend. She was both, and a loving sweet girl too. I miss her, and always will. Her velvety soft ears, her eyes...those eyes, they looked right into your soul and filled you with her wisdom. Her smell..her howl, her tail and her wiggle butt. I miss everything about her.

Merlot was on the other end of 1000's of photos, and it's easy to see why. Not only was she photogenic she gave the most incredible poses and expressions.

If Merlot had a doggie passport it would include all the states between Florida and Vermont, between Vermont and Colorado, between Colorado and Kentucky and between Vermont and Tennessee. Basically just about anywhere I went in a car, she went with me. Not to mention all the shorter trips we did, Salisbury Beach (she loved the beach, chasing the seagulls and chasing the waves), Maine where she went boating and hiking. Merlot's adventures with me included hiking, crossing streams and rivers, camping (slept in a tent together on many occasions), boating in Maine, skiing (well I did the skiing and she did the powder running), snow (Merlot loved the snow which was surprising for a hound dog. She would bury her head into the snow and come up almost grinning. She ran in the snow and would skid onto her side and roll in it.) So many adventures and she was always a trooper, happy to be along. She protected me from a bear encounter, she knew when to greet friendly people and when to howl at unfriendly people. She was in essence, a perfect dog!

Merlot graces the cover of the book Rover Greatest Sits Collection. A project to help animals in shelters. Rover Greatest Sits is the 4th edition of the Rovercollection. This beautiful book features a stunning collection of Andrew’s most heart warming images of dogs plus a few cats! Rover beautifully illustrates that there are healthy, smart, beautiful, loving dogs available for adoption across the country as most of the dogs once lived in a rescue. Rover is a lively conversation pieces and the perfect gift for pet lovers of all ages. You can have your own copy with Merlot on the cover by visiting this site.

I posted about Merlot passing on to the angels on Facebook, the number of people who commented and acknowledged Merlot is heartwarming, she melted many hearts and mine most of all.

This is the post from Facebook "My sweet, beautiful Merloty joined the angels today. It's hard to describe in words the emptiness I feel without her sweet soul near me. The most loyal, wise, beautiful, sweet creature I've ever known. My heart is both full for having had her as my companion and aching for missing her so deeply. RIP sweet girl, run free and when you find my mom and zaza give them each a big wet smooch for me. This hurts my heart...a lot."

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