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and the beat goes 2017

make tomorrow happy.

As 2016 comes to a close, I've been reflecting on the year we're wrapping up and on the year ahead. I've heard many people recently say "I can't wait to get this year over" or "Thank goodness 2016 is almost over". It's those sentiments that have me in reflection today. 2016 had it's ups and downs, it's highs and lows, it's tearful moments and times of laughter. There were times of stress and times of release, there were family feuds and family bonds. There was loss, a lot of loss in my furry family. My horse Chai passed in May in his field of grass. My beloved dog Merlot passed at the end of July. My cat Sven passed on Merlot's bed at the end of September. The loss makes me wonder what is really going on in heaven. It must be a magical and lovely place to behold so many people and animals who've made my heart burst with affection.

My remaining furry friend, Ole, was soaking up the warmth of the sun today. Peacefully he slept, blissful in the suns rays. The site of him in such contentment reminded me to be present. To embrace life, and sunshine and all the wonders of the natural world. To forgive the universe for creating more angels, to forgive the root of any distress I felt in 2016. Forgiveness is powerful. As I cross over to 2017 I open my heart and my eyes to new bonds, to new experiences and to new memorable moments.

I'm grateful for everything that I've experienced to this point, I'm grateful for everyone I'm fortunate to call family, friend or co-worker. I'm excited to unwrap all that a new year has to offer and I accept that 2016 was a year just like every other year filled with all the range living a full life has to offer!

My intention with the new year, to feed my soul. To do something everyday that makes my heart sing. To light tomorrow with today. To acknowledge the incredible people I'm fortunate to spend time with and to be forever thankful for all the bliss in front of me.

From my heart, I wish you all a bright and brilliant new year!

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