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An apple a day....

As the proverb apple a day keeps the doctor away. Well I'd like to say, an apple a day is the Leading Fields way!

My grandparents, Barbara and Ralph, had an apple orchard in Walden NY. My mom and her siblings were raised on the apple farm, and from the stories I've heard it was a wonderful way to grow up. The apple farm was named Leading Fields, with a logo designed by my grandmother. In 1965 they sold the orchard and moved to Vermont, and they brought their Leading Fields sign with them, placing it at the end of their lane. Although the orchard in Walden was before my time, the lane marked by the Leading Fields sign was born into my family the year I met this earth.

My grandparents at Leading Fields in Walden NY

So, when I decided to create a retreat space on their property in Vermont, the name Leading Fields seemed like the most appropriate choice. And now, with the arrival of fall nearly here, and apple picking season already underway in Vermont, I was inspired to name the rooms at Leading Fields after the apples on the original logo apple bag my grandmother created. Last weekend, outside in the crisp sunny air I painted and I must say I'm pretty happy with the results.

And of course, it wouldn't be complete without a freshly baked apple pie in the Leading Fields kitchen....I wish you could smell and taste this, it is scrumptious!

The Leading Fields of today isn't an apple orchard (we do have a few small apple trees), it is a place to bloom into your own sweetness, to nurture yourself and to enjoy all the delicious offerings of a natural beautiful space.

I'm honored to be stewarding this beautiful property, and I'd be delighted to show you to your room when you stay at Leading Fields. You'll be welcomed at your bedroom door by a hand painted apple!

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