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This is your life.

This is your life. It is. And I need to keep reminding myself of this. This morning I woke up to this message from a friend, after reading it I realized how badly I needed to read this message. And maybe you need it too, so here you go....

" This is your life. You're allowed to change your mind. To change your heart. You're allowed to be a different person. To wake up one day and not want to do the things you've been doing all your life. You're allowed to love who you want. To move on from the people who are not good to you. To let go of anyone without any kind of explanation. Without any kind of regret. You're allowed to make mistakes. To learn from them. Or not to learn from them and experience everything all over again. You're allowed to forget your past if you want to. Or to stay in it but you must also understand that this is not how you will grow. You're allowed to change careers. To dress differently. To chase different dreams. To change locations, even if, at first, you're terrified to do so. You're allowed to dislike yourself but also allowed to change those same parts you don't see eye to eye with. To work on them until you're completely comfortable with who you are. This is your life. Make it count. Make your own validation. Your own path. Your own way of life. You are enough. And you are not broken. You're a lot stronger than you want to believe. Now breathe." --r.m. drake

You are allowed to change your mind, yes!

Each sentence resonated with me. I read through this quote several times and then made a cup of tea, listening to the radio and this came over the airwaves....

"you never know what is around the corner, unless you peak. Hold someone's hand while you do it, you'll feel less scared. It's much more fun to succeed and fail with other people. Limit your 'always' and your 'nevers' . Continue to share your heart with people, even if it's been broken. Even though you're smart, you're still allowed to say ' I don't know'. When you're feeling scared, hold someone's hand and look into their eyes, and when you feel brave do the same thing."

Wow, okay. I needed to hear this too.

my morning tea

I sat at my computer to enjoy my tea and catch up. About 3 emails in, this quote showed up on my screen.

"Saying yes to the universe opens the gate to receiving what your soul really wants. The hardest thing about saying yes to the universe is that it means accepting everything life puts in front of us. Most of us have a habit of going through our days saying no to the things we don't like and yes to the things we do, and yet, everything we encounter is our life. We may be afraid that if we say yes to the things we don't like, we will be stuck with them forever, but really, it is only through acknowledging the existence of what's not working for us that we can begin the process of change. So saying yes doesn't mean indiscriminately accepting things that don't work for us. It means conversing with the universe, and starting the conversation with a very powerful word--yes.When we say yes to the universe, we enter into a state of trust that whatever our situation is, we can work with it. We express confidence in ourselves, and the universe, and we also express a willingness to learn from whatever comes our way, rather than running and hiding when we don't like what we see. The question we might ask ourselves is what it will take for us to get to the point of saying yes. For some of us, it takes coming up against something we can't ignore, escape, or deny, and so we are left no choice but to say yes. For others, it just seems a natural progression of events that leads us to making the decision to say yes to life.The first step to saying yes is realizing that in the end it is so much easier than the alternative. Once we understand this, we can begin examining the moments when we resist what is happening, and experiment with occasionally saying yes instead. It might be scary at first, and even painful at times, but if we continue to say yes to every moment through the process, we will discover the joy of being in a positive conversation with a force much bigger than ourselves."

This is my life. I'm allowed to change my mind. I will continue to share my heart. And I will say yes to the unknown, it's what my soul really wants.

I needed all of this today. And if you did too, I'm glad you read it.

With gratitude, love and an open heart, enjoy the days to come.


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