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Greater levels of life

I have a vivid memory as a young girl sitting outside my house and a vision of my future strongly appeared, I know this likely sounds bizarre, however it really happened. And when the vision from that day became reality years later it was as if I knew a source greater than myself, a source greater than life itself, a source working the plans almost like a puppeteer.

This has happened to me enough now to believe in it.

About six years ago, I was introduced to the documentary Heal and it fascinated me. I've watched it many times, each time with a deeper fascination. And again I had a vision, a vision associated with the documentary. Three years later, while sitting at the Ford Amphitheater, that vision became a reality. I met Catherine, a trainer for Joe Dispenza, the main subject of the documentary Heal and the basis of my vision. As a result of that meeting, I became a student of Joe's work through Catherine. And now four years later, I'm a coach for the program, officially I am a life coach!

The program I'm coaching is ten sessions guiding you through transforming your patterns into a new vision for yourself. If you're waiting for life to be less busy, less hard, less anything to make time for yourself to be happy....guess what? You are waiting your life away. You cannot wait until life isn't hard anymore to decide to be happy! Adversity always has a way of showing up, trust me, it does. And even with the tough stuff, you can decide, it's your choice to take yourself to a greater level of life.

*image hand drawn by stacey gerrish


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